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Chattanooga has rocks to climb, waters to paddle, trails to explore, and a downtown to wander. And the Crash Pad knows where to find all the best of each.



Every year thousands of adventure-seekers and outdoor fanatics descend upon Chattanooga, intent on exploring the mountains, rivers and valleys that make up the southeastern region of the country. So gear up and get ready to set the pace as you course your way through deep gorges…

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Chattanooga has a diverse selection of homegrown restaurants — everything from simple diners to high-end, full service restaurants. We know you’ll quickly find a favorite, or you can ask which ones we prefer — everyone has an opinion!

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Chattanooga is home to some of the most unique experiences in the Southeast. Whether you’re into the arts-and-crafts side of things, the technology side of things, or music and movies, we’ve got a little of it all.

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