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Not sold on Chattanooga adventure yet? Call us and let us convince you why our city and our hostel are the best.


Talk to Us

Please call or text us at 423-648-8393 during office hours (8-11am and 4-9pm) if you have any questions, or would like to make a reservation.

You can also contact us at Please note that we are unable to honor reservation requests sent via email, so please call or use our online system.

We’d also love to hear from you on our Facebook page. That’s where to go if you want to see what’s new with The Crash Pad, leave a comment, or see what others are saying about us.


Need directions to The Crash Pad? Our street address is 29 Johnson St., Chattanooga, TN 37408. We’re located in Chattanooga’s vibrant Southside, just off I-24. Use the map below to get directions from your starting point, and if you have any problems finding us, just call 423-648-8393 so we can help you find your way here.

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If you’re coming from the Airport, Greyhound, or Megabus, here are some fast and dirty directions to our place from those stations:

From the Airport/Greyhound: the best and fastest way is via taxi or Uber/Lyft. There are usually 5-6 taxis waiting outside the main terminal at any time. However, if you don’t find any, here are a few cab options: Nation Taxi (423) 987-9918, and Mercury Cab Service 423.624.1084. Cabs usually run $20-$30, plus tip, from the airport.
Other options from the Airport/Greyhound: Take the CARTA Bus Route #19 (Bus Map and Schedule Here). Fair word of warning: this bus only runs 6 times a day, Monday – Friday. Request a stop for 10th and Market St. Walk South (Street #’s should be increasing) until you hit Main St. Take a left onto Main and then your first left onto Rossville Ave. Make your first right after that onto Johnson St and you’ll see our building on the left.

From Megabus Station: the best and fastest way is via taxi or Uber/Lyft. Nation Taxi (423) 987-9918, and Mercury Cab Service 423.624.1084. Cabs usually run $10-$20, plus tip, from the drop-off station.

From Nashville or Atlanta airports: The easiest way from either of these two airports is by using Groome Transportation. $39 one way, plus tip, is an amazing deal from either location. When you arrive in Chattanooga, you can take a cab from the Groome station to our door. Use the cab numbers in the section above.
Other options from Nashville/Atlanta airports: You can take Megabus from either location to our door. Check it here for more information about each of the stop locations. Then, follow the Megabus directions to get to our door.


What’s a hostel?
A hostel is basically a hotel with more shared space. Dormitory style Super Bunk beds, shared bathrooms, hangout space, and kitchen are the staples of our hostel. All this shared space is the launching pad for shared stories, shared experiences, and new friends!


Wait, so, I’m sleeping with strangers?
Possibly. It depends on our availability for the day you’re booking. If you’re staying on a full house weekend, then the probability would be high that you’d be sleeping next to someone that you don’t know. However, know that our guests are tremendously respectful of one another and our Super Bunk areas provide an ample amount of privacy. With our private rooms, you’ll be behind a locked door.


Privacy? In the shared bunk areas? What kind of sorcery is this? 
No magic tricks here! There are several aspects of the bunk areas that contribute to the privacy: the wood wrap-around design of the bunks, the privacy curtains, the built-in fan for white noise. Also, the way the bunk areas are laid out helps: 4 bunk beds to a room, 3 bunk rooms to a floor. The bunk rooms are divided by a large partition wall and joined by a long hallway.


Is there parking around?
Yes, there are 15 free spots, back behind our pavilion, which you can access from Passenger St. There are also many relatively cheap parking lots surrounding our premises.


Is it safe in and around your building?
Definitely. Once you check in, we give you a keycard that gives you 24 hour secure access. You have to swipe that keycard to get into the building and again for entry into the accommodations area.
And around the area, we’re in the developing Southside neighborhood: well lit, a good amount of foot traffic, and since we’ve been here, there have been zero incidents.


Is The Crash Pad within walking distance to cool stuff? 
For sure! There are number of great bars, restaurants, and art galleries. Alleia, Terminal Brewhouse, and Taqueria Jalisco are all great grub and drink options, within a 5 minute walking radius. Area 61, Hart Gallery, and Planet Altered are all fantastic art galleries that are a 1 minute walk away.


What time can I check in?
Our normal check in times are from 4-9pm, Eastern Standard Time. If you’re arriving earlier or later than that window and you have a reservation, give us a call at 423-648-8393, and we’ll arrange your early or late check in. Please keep in mind that late check ins after 9pm are assessed a $10 per bed fee and $20 per bed after 11pm.


Can my dog, cat, snake, parakeet, liger stay with us? 
Unfortunately not. We have a no pet policy, unless it’s a service animal.


You guys got that Internet there?
Yup. We have free WiFi throughout the entire place and two guest computers that are free for our guests to use at any time.


I heard something about breakfast included?
You heard so right. We provide the supplies (eggs, Niedlov’s bread, Mayfly coffee, and spreads), and you make it yourself. We’ll brew the coffee for you. Best part: it’s all included in your bed price.


What’s with the 25% non-refundable initial payment when I make my reservation?
The 25% initial payment ensures that the Crash Pad will reserve your requested date and not accept any other reservations for your space. For this reason, in the event you should cancel for any reason, all monies paid shall be retained by the Crash Pad to offset its loss of business. Particularly since we’re just a small 31-bed hostel, our budget cannot absorb cancellations. This policy helps us offset a little bit of the missed opportunity cost of a cancelled bed.


What’s your cancellation policy like? 
It’s just a 24 hour window policy. So, if you cancel outside of the 24 hour window, you’re not liable for any remaining room charges. However, the 25% deposit that you put down to reserve the room is non-refundable.


Should I bring my own pillow/towel/blanket/sleeping bag?
No! We have all linens here, and we have a no outside linens policy. This is to keep those gnarly creepy-crawlies out of your bed (not to say that your stuff has creepy-crawlies on it).